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More from Michael Wesch: “Information R/evolution”

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Following on from “The Machine is Us/ing Us” (March 2007) Wesch’s latest video is “Information R/evolution”:

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Podcasts and indexing

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Brian Kelly’s post “The Future As Today, But More So” started me wondering whether today’s university students, who audio/video record their lectures (or whose lecturers provide them with recordings) bother to take full handwritten notes. Perhaps it is down to the individual student and the quality of the recording/accessibility/reliability of the technology. If it was me I would probably store the videos on my PDA and make the odd handwritten note (probably on my PDA) – e.g. points I want to find out more about or questions I want answers for, any urls/references given by the lecturer that I want to look up etc.). I would want to be able to link my notes with the podcast file.  When it comes to assignment or revision time, is it more time consuming to revisit all the video/audio files, or to read through a load of ‘old-fashioned’ notes to find the piece that you want? Perhaps lecturers/students are tagging their videos, eg. within YouTube or Or maybe they are using free web2.0 software that enables them to either manually or automatically index their videos? If not then is this something that we will see in the future?

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RL emulates SL?

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Real Life emulates Second Life?

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Hello world!

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Hi All,

This is my first post. Please check out my ‘About’ page for more info about me. You can find my two favourite You Tube Videos (so far!) below.

Michael Wesch: “The Machine is Us/ing Us” March 2007

David Lee King: “Web 2.0 song, Are You Blogging This?” August 2006

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